The break is over

This has been a year since my last post…

In the meantime, quite a few things happened: a baby boy in february, a new flat, some major OpenIG refactorings, and 2 releases.

Quite a busy year after all :)

Let’s have some kind of retrospective on the year…

January under the West Coast Sun

2015 started (from a professional point of view) very smoothly: we had our yearly company meeting on the first week of January!

Heading to San Diego, US west coast, 7 time zones to cross, we started the journey at 4am (CET) and finally arrived at 7pm (PST).

We had 3 wonderful days, meeting with Forgerockers from all around the globe. Nice place and weather, cool team building activities, interesting people: everything was here for a great week!

That was a pleasure to finally met with people that you usually only interact through HipChat/Skype. We had good feedback from sales and sales engineering on OpenIG. Engineering breakout sessions had been organized (well un-organized, unconference style :)), stateless session, new (common) projects were on the plate.

That was a very pleasant (to say the least) experience, leaving us both eager to attend the next one and energized for the year :)

New Web Site

You probably noticed already since this is not really new at the time of writing, but we launched a whole new web site: good-bye Maven generated sites (well they are still around because some content did not find yet its new home), welcome to the future:

  • Gamification support (you gain points when you participate)
  • Ease access to online resources (downloads, docs, sources, blogs, …)
  • General and per-project forums
  • CSS harmony ;)

Rebranded Documentation

Mark and his team did an amazing job this year to refresh the documentation’s style.

I have to admit that the first time I saw the new documentation, it was like … Wow!

That was so refreshing, reading the doc became again a pleasure.

Note that the documentation team continued on their way and they also provided a documentation that fits perfectly in ForgeRock’s backstage site!

Good job guys !

Great Git Migration

Ahhh, a technical item, finally (I can hear you, you know ;)).

Since day one, OpenIG’s source code (and most probably other ForgeRock projects) have been hosted on a Subversion server.

It was time to move on.

Frankly, I don’t recall having used subversion for OpenIG :) The first thing I’ve done when I’ve been hired was to git svn clone the OpenIG source code!

Over time, I demoed Git features to co-workers and team members, and gradually, they did their own clones and start enjoying working on local branches, reworking history, …

So, at the end, I think we were the most ready team for Git migration: from developers to QA and doc writers everybody felt quite comfortable with Git!

We have the chance of being a small (but still complex enough) project. That make OpenIG the candidate of choice for trying imports, giving feedback, and most important: being the first product migrated!

Kudos to the release engineering team for achieving this huge task, providing support for the whole company!

New Hires !

The OpenIG project has welcomed 2 new hires in 2015: Laurent Vaills (Senior Developer) and Joanne Henry (Doc Writer).

Laurent started in difficult conditions: his first day was all preparing the San Diego trip, and then moving to the US! That could have been worse :)

Technically Joanne started in the beginning of 2016, just like Laurent: jumping in with the annual company meeting.

Welcome to both of you.

Not One but Two OpenIG Releases

The team did a tremendous job for releasing 2 OpenIG versions in 2015:

  • OpenIG 3.1.1, a sustaining release with important bug fixes for customers
  • OpenIG 4.0.0, a major release with loads of features: UMA, PEP, STS (more on theses weirds acronyms in a later dedicated post), …

This year in numbers in OpenIG-land:

  • 68384 lines were added
  • 101208 lines were deleted
  • 521 commits
  • 13 contributors
  • 172 pull requests

That was a busy year, I’ve told you so :)

First round is mine!


... this is my very first blog post for years !!!

I'm usually more a tech reader than a tech writer, but I feel that it is time to start sharing on technology.

The easier for me to start with is using the open source project I'm working on as a source of inspiration :)

I want to begin with some introduction on OpenIG: what is it, picturing some use cases and mostly focusing on tips and tricks.

I hope you'll appreciate.